a wide variety of writings.

This Old Man, by Roger Angell, in the New Yorker magazine online brought in the full range of emotions from sadness to laughter. Parts that reminded me of my father, and those thoughts lead to death, and the death of my mother last year.

I identified with this post by Chris Barker about his mother’s last days, and then his subsequent post after her death. It’s hard to explain how a death can be a good death, and that in the midst of the sadness of missing a person, there can be release and gratitude. When my mother was failing, I found a card that simply says on the front “Where there is loss there is an even greater presence of love.” That card is in a place where I see it daily, and it gives me comfort.

In a completely different vein, Curtis Bausse had me chuckling with his post Another helping of sirloin? His description of the state of the kitchen…

And then there were numerous reads that were more technical in nature, which I will not bother to list here, and the few chapters of a novel that I read in bed before dropping off to sleep. Suffice to say, I’ve had an eyeful.

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