Wise Words

I believe that the answers are always there. I just have to OPEN my eyes, my mind, and my heart to see.

reflection and dewdrop berries

My day job has been stressful this week.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, and frustrated that I haven’t used my time at home as effectively as I had planned.

I know that I am responsible for how I feel; that it’s all in how I react (or better stated, don’t react) to the events that come into my life.

This morning I stumbled over two posts that reminded me of this.

The first, by wise woman Lis, was a reminder that every moment in this life is precious. And I know this. I just needed a well written reminder.

The second was an analysis of how I’m allowing the stress to build on itself at work through my lack of taking action to reduce it. What I took away from Karen’s post is this:

  •  Stress inhibits self-reflection and self-awareness.
  • When things don’t go as expected, I tend to stress, which makes my higher-thinking shut down.
  • When I stress and can’t think, I feel rushed. I tend to make things more important and urgent then they are.
  • Creating an environment where I can think again is the most important crucial first step.
  • I believe that stress does not serve me.
  • I’m all about getting rid of things that don’t serve me.

I’m always delighted at how the right words appear in answer to the questions I didn’t know I was asking.

Life is good!

One thought on “Wise Words

  1. I am grateful my words were a part of nudging open these questions and insights! Awareness is always the first and often biggest step – now you know you have choices and can begin to skillfully react in ways that support and nourish you. I had a teacher once counsel when you perceive yourself to be under stress pause and ask “Is this a life or death situation?” Most likely not! But we react with that level of urgency. The other thing I try to remember (gleaned from Buddhist teachings) is that the problem isn’t that things are the way they are, it is that my expectation is that they should be another way, MY way! Then I try to breath and see the humor in my attempts to control everything.

    Could you feel me thinking about you yesterday? I was sewing up a sweater vest – my March Double Dog Dare! almost done! – and I was using your golden needle and thinking about how magical this all is … from Annie’s Shuttle to Susannah’s course to next Fall at Squam. And most importantly, right now. xo Lis

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