Can we say full?

I have three classes that will take a lot of my attention this month, and on into April.

I’ll be taking a lot of deep breaths. I will practice focusing. My DDD for March is to dig into my classes and not just skim the surface.

Add to all this the search for a new apartment, and I’d say it’s going to be an exciting month!

2 thoughts on “Can we say full?

  1. How fun – now I am making all the connections (DDD and Susannah and Connie!) What is your third course? I am laughing because I had been sooo good about focusing upon one course and even had a pact with a friend to rein in spending and scattering of my energies in too many courses or challenges and guess what? Now I have, um, 4 courses starting up in the next 2 months! How did that happen? So I may call upon you for some guidance 🙂 This month my DDD is to finish a sweater vest!

    Happy painting/blogging/breathing/living!
    xo Lis

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