What if…

So this thing about attributing feelings to inanimate objects when we were children–what if, just what if it wasn’t the flight of imagination. What if it was our way of communicating with Source (God, the Universe, whatever you name it); our way of knowing that the love and the understanding was not just within us, but all around us? And what if, just what if it was the Universe’s way of communicating back to us that all was well, that we were loved. That even when the other humans around us weren’t capable of communicating that love to us, we still found it in our teddy bears, in nature, in the items that we attached to as youngsters.

And what if, just what if we never lost that ability to feel that deep love and understanding as we grew out of childhood, but instead learned how to communicate it to others who found it harder to believe.

Just what if…

teddy bear sitting in rocking chair
Teddy at 60

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