Twenty Twelve arrived after a year of no posting…

which brings to mind the statement “time and tide wait for no man,” and it certainly didn’t make an exception with me.

I’m going to make another stab at this. I’m taking a full load of online courses of a creative nature; I have more job at the job than time allows; there are family stressors that sap at my energy–but this is something I want to do.

My word for 2012 is OPEN. I chose it (or rather it chose me) as I was looking for a  word that meant non-judgmental. I want to keep those snippy little judgements–whether about people, politics, or situations–out of my brain and not give voice to them. But OPEN is proving to be so much more than just that, and I am having a marvelous time as it shows itself in so many ways!

Baby steps, I tell myself, it all begins with baby steps.

I'm listening

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